Starting this week we are switching the contributors area to a forum style!

The current style of curation and submission has just become too time consuming for me to maintain as one person.  I have been reviewing every answer submission to check for duplicates and some days I get at least 40 to check through, it has been a part time job of work.  As you know I don’t make any money from this site so i can’t really spend the time anymore.

After reading alot of your comments and suggestions we decided to adopt a model that other answer communities use, like Reddit for example.  From now on you can see all the submitted newsela answers in a thread style format.  People when then up-vote the answer keys to sift through them naturally.

Because of this it will be important that you add tags to every quiz submission to make sure people can find them.

Rules Overview

There will be mods who oversee the forum to correct any major mistakes.  Like any forum you will need to restrain from any name-calling or fighting unless you want to risk being banned.

  • Use proper formatting for answer keys
  • Up vote and down vote as much as you can
  • No swearing or bad language
  • Try to submit at least one new answer key a month
  • No robots or spamming

Looking For Volunteers

If you have a passion for the internet and Newsela we are looking for volunteer moderators to help with the forum!  This is a great opportunity to learn about how websites work.  You will always see the newest answers and cheats right as they come out as well. In addition you will get added to our Skype group where we talk about all kinds of webmaster techniques and strategies.

Expect to put about 1 hour a day in to check for any spam or swearing.  You then will be given the powers to delete such threads so that the forum is nice and clean.

If you are interested just send me a message in the contact section.