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A collection of Newsela answers updated daily by site members.
Newsela can be tough to get done, especially when you have other things to do.  For the longest time I would be stumped for hours and just wanted to get back to playing video games and hanging out with friends.

So together with some friends we went looking for Newsela answers that could help us pass the quizzes and tests quickly.

We didn’t find much and eventually had the idea to make a site that would allow people to share all their answers to the Newsela quizzes.  By using this community you can make lots of friends and learn cheats and homework hacks that are trending right now for Newsela.

How Newsela Answers Works

By sharing your answers here you get access to all the other solutions that everyone shares.  So by sharing just one answer for an article etc you get access to everyones articles.  With a current collection of over 100 cheat sheets to articles quizzes and tests this makes life alot easier.  We are happy to see the collection growing everyday and also to meet other people with a similar mindset in our forums.Answers and Cheat Sheet Infographic

How To Submit Answers

You can use the submission form to submit answers for Newsela articles.  You will need to fill out some basic information like the article name and the grade level.  These are important tags that help other people search for the solutions they need.  We recommend trying to submit the most recent solutions possible for newsela, usually less than a week old is a good bet.

 A Note On Freshness

When using the collection you will want to keep in mind that Newsela releases new quizzes every single day.  Because I have to curate and review all the newly submitted keys there is a 2-3 day delay between getting the answers up.

So when you are searching keep this in mind and try to start with an article quiz that is at least a few days old.  Some days I am quite speedy and can get them up in a few hours, but knowing this tip will help you avoid wasting time looking for brand new cheats.

Keys & Cheat Sheets By Category

The answers are sorted by grade level to make it easier to find the ones that you need.  Before we had this system some articles would overlap grades and have different pairs depending on the grade level.  This is why its really important to make sure you are in the right grade level when you execute a search, or else you might get different answers than what you need.

Newsela Answer ToolkitCurrent article quiz grade levels:

  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
  • 5
  • 6
  • 7
  • 8
  • 9-10
  • 11-12

We also label the Newsela keys by subject.  This is purely for visual organization and to help keep things more orderly.  Heres a quick refresher of all the article subject categories:

  • Money
  • Kid
  • Sports
  • Science
  • Laws
  • Health
  • Opinion
  • Arts
  • War & Peace

Keeping these categories in mind will make searching for article answers that much easier.  We only have a few Spanish articles at the moment, I honestly don’t get many people submitting those.

Other Newsela Hacks And Cheats

There are some ways to hack Newsela that involve abusing glitches, or using robots to do the work for you.  These are for educational and entertainment purposes only, I don’t recommend trying to hack anyone’s website!

Using a Robot

If you haven’t learned programming yet you are missing out! So many fun things you can do online with a robot you program yourself, you can literally be 1000 places at once online, like a real life internet super hero.  Anyone can learn to code too, you don’t have to be ‘smart’, no one is actually ‘smart’ by the way (its a lie like Santa Clause or the Tooth Fairy). Just keep learning and problem solving, we all have a human brain after all. That’s what its for.

Anyways, you can use python and selenium (google tutorials for them) to control your browser to do things for you.  When it comes to Newsela you can program the browser to attempt the quizzes until it gets the correct answer.  You could also input the content submitted on this site and have the robot finish everything automatically, you wouldn’t even have to login.  The robot will do it all for you once you learn a bit of programming:)

The robot hack works well with another technique of using two accounts.

Two Accounts

You can make a second Newsela account through a trial or by contacting support.  I’ve also used accounts from friends who had Newsela in their last semester but not the current one.

Use these steps to perform the cheat:

  • Open the same article in both accounts
  • Attempt the quiz question in the second account
  • Note down the correct answer
  • Use that for the quiz you want a perfect score on

Here is a little video I put together demoing this trick:

The Router Cheat

This involves unplugging your router or disconnecting your wifi when in the middle of a quiz.  You can then enter any answer you want and Newsela will see it as being the correct answer.  Keep doing this until you reach the end of the quiz.  At this point you can reconnect your internet and submit the quiz for full credit.


If you have anymore questions about any of the information in this guide please leave a comment or reach out to me in the contact section.  I love discussing Newsela tricks with other enthusiastic internet users and will usually reply right away!


Answersela Team